I am a social anthropologist based in London and currently work as Research Fellow in Social Science at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. With over a decade of ethnographic experience in Central Asia and China, coupled with recent fieldwork in Ethiopia, my anthropological approach delves into gender dynamics and social change, with a focus on advancing sexual and public health in a global context.

Following the completion of my PhD at the University of Queensland, I have been part of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team. I am currently engaged in multiple research projects, including integrating social science into Africa CDC's public health operations, identifying research priorities for cholera outbreak responses in Southern Africa, and evaluating the implementation of the MHPSS Minimum Service Package for infectious disease outbreaks in Uganda. 

In addition, I am working on my monograph titled "The Voyage to Manhood in the 'New Uzbekistan': Tashkent Dreams" which is under contract with Amsterdam University Press. I am fluent in both Uzbek and Mandarin.

When I need a break from research, I go long-distance cycling.

Selected Publications (Journal Articles, Book and Book review)

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